SCANNING SERVICES: photos, negatives, slides or memorabilia

scaning-servicesPreserve and share your family’s past memories for years to come. Someday Organizing can scan and digitize your photo media. If it is important to you and your family – make a digital copy and back it up!

Pricing: $0.50 ea.  Storage Options: CD: $2.00
Jump Drive or Hard Drive : You provide, or as quoted
Scanning includes 600dpi digital scanning, image orientation & minor color corrections. All images will be scanned and organized in the order they are received, or our Organizing Services are available.


conversion-servicesNOW is the time for Someday Organizing to convert your VHS or cassette tapes to a digital format. Don’t risk losing your precious memories to obsolete equipment and quality deterioration. Gain space, time and peace of mind with our conversion services.

Pricing: $40.00 includes up to 2 hours of original video run time, jewel case and DVD labeling.Additional: Extended run time, editing of titles, captioning, editing static or unwanted video or audio